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Masks Liberty Florals

Masks Liberty Florals


Handmade masks. 100% cotton with elastic bands.  Masks are made from Libery Of London Tana Lawn prints and are backed in solid shirting or chambray fabrics which make them reversible.  Liberty Tana Lawn fabrics are tightly woven to take the prints which make them perfect for our masks.  Some prints are in limited supply while others will be replenished when possible.  Now that I have mask production under control I am able to offer fabric choice and child sizing.  Of course if you would like me to choose for you since choosing can be difficult I would be happy to pick.  Please let me know if you have any requests or questions.  

  • Suggested Handling/Wear

    • the mask has to cover mouth & nose
    • if it’s only covering your mouth it really is not as effective
    • consider the outside of the mask “dirty” so If you touch the outside of the mask wash your hands/use hand sanitizer
    • people tend to touch the outside of the mask to pull it down and then go on to touch other things. If germs were on your mask then you’ll just continue to spread them that way.
    • remove the mask at the ears and then wash before reuse
    • suggest washing in a delicates washing bag and air dry
    • adult supervision is required for children wearing masks.
  • Return/Refund Mask Policy

    • All masks are non-refundable and non-returnable. 
    • Masks do not take the place of medical grade masks.
    • One size fits most.